Chamber Mixer Host Application

Guiding Document for Membership Services Committee
What time of year are you able to hold the mixer? (Check all that apply)
A note on partnerships:
Partnerships in hosting a Chamber Mixer may be beneficial. You may wish to use your internal resources, such as vendors, or you may choose to partner with other Chamber Members.
Chamber Mixers typically attract 125-150 attendees. Depending on the venue, a tent may be required at the cost of the host.
The Mixer will be held:
How many people can the venue accommodate?
The menu for Chamber Mixers typically includes some hot and cold appetizers as well as a few options for beverages such as wine and punch. The Steinbach Chamber will support the host with menu planning and can provide a Steinbach catering and restaurant guide upon request.
Will you be serving liquor?
Do you have a liquor licence (or are able to get one)?
The Steinbach Chamber favours venues where a tour or a special event can take place, so Chamber members can not only meet, but experience something unique. The Chamber Mixer Host is responsible for planning the event details. The Steinbach Chamber will be a support, but encourages the Chamber Mixer Host to delegate a staff member(s) or hire a third party that will be responsible for planning the event, including setting the theme and coordinating the details.
Normally a gift or door prize valued at roughly $250-500 is provided at a Chamber Mixer. In the past, some Chamber Mixer Hosts have partnered with other Chamber Members to support by way of supplying prizes or sharing in the expenses.
Are you planning on allowing a supporting sponsor(s) to supply prizes or share in the expenses?
Estimated overall cost to host a Mixer is $2500-3500. COST ESTIMATES Food - $13-15/person; Wine & Beverage - $3.00/person; Door Prize Value - $250-$500; Additional Rentals (Wine Glasses, Linens, Tables, Music) - $250-300
Some Chamber Mixer Hosts have partnered with other Chamber Members to share in the cost of hosting the mixer. This is encouraged as it provides visibility to multiple members at one event. In addition to the Chamber Mixer Host, additional sponsors may be found to partner at these events. Sponsors will receive recognition in pre-event marketing, and thanked at the event. Sponsors from competing companies of the Mixer Host will not be able to sponsor the mixer. Funds acquired through sponsorship will be designated toward future Chamber programs.
The Chamber will handle the promotion, marketing, registration, name tag creation, and board, committee, and staff attendance at the event. The Chamber can provide a list of registered attendees three days before the event to the Chamber Mixer Host. The Chamber can play a supportive role in giving advice by using past experiences to help the Mixer Host coordinate the Chamber Mixer. It is the Chamber`s expectation that the Mixer Host will coordinate their own Mixer. The Chamber will bring the people to the event. Invitations to Chamber Mixers are sent to City of Steinbach Council, MP and MLA offices. Representatives from these organizations attend Chamber Mixers regularly.